The Techno-Girls Home

Welcome to our central page.  Our site has four parts:

Anime and More: Amateur Captioning from the Techno-Girls  — a hobby.  We translate videos from Japan into English and make subtitled versions so that English-speaking people (mostly our Shoujo Anime Club, below) can view them.

Barbara’s Enka Site — A web site about Enka, a traditional type of popular song from Japan.  The site includes information on the music in general, artists, and their albums.

Subsonic — a software program for creating subtitled videos.  We will release this software for public use someday. At present, only a summary page is here.

The Shoujo Anime Club — This is the central page for a private club for fans of girl’s animation from Japan, or “shoujo anime”.  This link is password-protected.  Only club members can access the “Shoujo Anime Club” page.

Or, use the map at the margins to help choose your destination.

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