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Yes, I really hate UNIX. Didn’t used to feel that way, back in the 70’s. The last straw came in 1983. We bought the source from AT&T; — all the comments had been stripped out!

  • Visit the Unix Haters’ Handbook
  • Read the shocking but true History of UNIX (originally from rec.humor.funny)

Meanwhile, look for me filling up right in Sun Micro‘s face at the ARCO station on San Antonio in Mountain View, California. (It’s an ’87 Mustang.)

Mersenne Prime Numbers

Every few years somebody discovers a new “World’s Largest Prime Number”, monsters with thousands of digits. These record holders are usually of a special form first described by the Jesuit-educated, 17th century French Minim monk Marin Mersenne. In 1988, Walt Colquitt and I found the 29th Mersenne Prime. I’ve set up a page on Marin Mersenne and Mersenne Primes.

The Moscow Circus’s Flying Cranes

While in Reno, I saw the most amazing flying trapeze act. It was a thing of beauty. I am in the process of doing a web page about them. Please visit, and check back soon as I have more material to include.

Techno Stomp

I’m extremely particular as to my tastes in music. Learn about Kraftwerk and Orbital. While you’re there, be sure to visit my Die Wildecker Herzbuben page. Like Howlin’ Wolf used to sing, I’m built for comfort, I ain’t built for speed.

Babe Expert, Chester Lee

So, Chester Lee knows babes, does he? Hah! Chester spent too much time on the wrong campus. A mis-spent youth. This is what college is all about.

Clam Beach

Every year my nephew and I take a trip, usually around California. He likes to “go exploring”. We explored Clam Beach in 1996.


I prefer the term INFOBAHN over INTERNET. I dislike the phrase INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY.

It is cleaner to say 2K27 than TWO THOUSAND TWENTY-SEVEN.   2K1, A Space Odyssey?

Links worth following to people I know, organizations I work with, or places I’ve been.

 Gordon Irlam
gordoni is a remarkable fellow. Trust me — read his A Penny for my Thoughts? (especially his hilarious Visitors to our web site), or visit his machine’s home page.
 Norman Arnold
Norman is a friend. I call him when I need help with an app or with HTML (Has Too Many Links). He now has a real job at Systems Chemistry who immediately sent him to Singapore for 8 weeks.
 Jim Norling
Jim has no web presence, but he does have a URL. Huh? He is of Swedish ancestry, related to old Albert Norling who also had no common sense. In Västerås, Albert is remembered for having driven his tractor over (and through) thin ice.
 ABB Atom Nuclear Products
ABB-Atom, in Sweden, designs and builds nuclear reactors. They also manufacture nuclear fuel, which is where I come in. I design (and program) inspection equipment that looks for manufacturing defects in nuclear fuel rods.
 Leipzig, Germany
Leipzig is in the former East Germany. I was there in October 1991, immediately after the reunification. Then the whole city was gray. Now it is alive and colorful.
 Salamanca, Spain
Salamanca is an ancient city is western Spain. The university there was founded in 1264. There are tens of thousands of students and is the perfect place for young tourists to visit. Here is a slower link to Salamanca. There is also an InfoBahn Bar where you can eat a snack, drink beer, and surf the net.

Links to the Bodaciously Cool Laurel & Hardy

 Laurel & Hardy!
Steve Ramsey has set up some very fine pages in tribute to The Boys. There is also a nice collection of audio and image files ready to grab.
 The Laurel and Hardy Museum
The museum is in the UK. Read about Stephen Harrison’s Great Adventure there.
 Sons of the Desert
One Good Turn tent, Oasis 156.
Way Out West tent, Oasis 5.
History of the Laughing Gravy Birmgingham .uk tent, Oasis 167.
Laughing Gravy .au/.nz tent, Oasis 31.
Perfect Day .nl tent, Oasis 13.
Midnight Patrol tent, Oasis 57.
 A Tribute to Laurel & Hardy
Finally, Steve Mazoki has a some nice pages, including a link to CUCKOO.WAV – their theme song.

Morons From Space, the Pakleds

 Pakled World
Robert York is smart. He looks for things, things for him to post. Sound clips and images of Pakleds. He is smart. Do not try to fool him. He can tell. He is smart.
 The Samaritan Snare
An excellent review of the STTNG episode, cast members, a couple of images, etc. BTW, the Pakleds look for things. Did you know that they found Data’s evil brother Lore floating in space?
 We are far from home
The Pakled Captain’s name is ‘Grebnedlog’ (Goldenberg), played by the late Christopher Collins.
 Grebnedlog’s Friend
The Pakled Engineer’s name is ‘Reginnod’ (Donniger) played by Leslie Morris. Is everything an anagram? Their ship was the Mondor. What’s that? D’Moron? Is Pakled an anagram?
This is a commercial site: you have to pay to download.

Volume I of .WAV files from the Pacled episode of Star Trek – TNG (Pacled’s are the less-than-smart aliens). A few notable quotes worth playing with.

If you where to get this for free (or if you liberate a copy) let me know. Here’s another commercial site.

 Extinct Link http://www.pcgamesmag.com/startalk/star696.html
There’s an interactive STTNG game on CD ROM. PC Games Magazine interviewed Robert O’Reilly who plays Gowron. Evidently the Pakleds have roles in the game.

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