Welcome! If you arrived here in search of Government Corruption and Corporate Crime type information, click HERE to link to the home pages for the Alliance to Expose Government Corruption and Corporate Crime, where you will find information about Reagan’s US Department of Justice, headed by Edwin Meese, stole the PROMIS database system software from the INSLAW company and then worked to force them into bankruptcy, and about Danny Casolaro, who was murdered (faked suicide) while investigating the case, and other related cases, which he called the “Octopus.” You can also read the Grand Jury report on the Rocky Flats systematic poisoning of the Denver area during the 1960-1980 time period. Also featured is an article about the dangers of fluoride in the water, and the issue of Humboldt County Sheriff’s officers methodically, almost surgically, applying the stuff of pepper spray to the eyes of teenage women. Where did they learn this particular “pain compliance” technique?!?!
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