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I watched the latest “Renegade” episode at the USA Network 6:00 PM Friday time slot. This was the episode that was pre-empted on Monday, January 20.

It was reported to me that The Phoenix paper said USA was dropping Renegade. Rick Okie’s “Renegade” production office has e-mailed me that it is closing and its former e-mail address will soon be gone. Stu Segall’sProduction office may still be open.

I don’t personally know the show’s status on USA Network, but I’ll try and keep the news updated. It seems that 6th season shows have not been picked up by USA Network. The show may still be picked by syndication. My guess is that we loose the primetime USA, but keep the 5th season Friday 6:00 PM USA presentation.

It was also reported that there is more in an interview with Lorenzo Lamas in the latest “Entertainment Weekly.” I haven’t seen the article yet. (1/97)

There is an addition to the Related Links page. Whats new?!? There is a link to an official “Renegade” www site courtesy of Stu Segall Productions. (1/97)

Item from the “Renegade” Production Office of Richard C. Okie

Starting January 13, USA Network is moving “Renegade” to Mondays at 9 P.M. (1/97)

Item from Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith in Hollywood.

Arlene Dahl flew to Los Angeles last week to do a guest spot on her son Lorenzo Lamas’“Renegade” series. Also appearing in the episode is Lamas’ wife, May Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand, who’s reprising her “Renegade” role as a physical fitness trainer. In the segment, directed by Lamas, Dahl plays the photo editor of “Playpen” magazine, who is kidnapped with the centerfold models. The centerfolds are being played by actual Playboy playmates. Dahl is no stranger to Playboy. She did a provocative lingerie layout for the magazine in 1962 and went on to design her own successful line of lingerie. (11/96)

Item from Executive Producer Richard C. Okie.

Lots of other developments in the Reno/Dutch relationship are coming, including Dutch murdering his own wife when she turns on him to work with Reno and Bobby.

Then Dutch starts to crack under the pressure of the guilt and he and Reno have a serious conversation about calling off the war. But being a scorpion and true to his nature, Dutch can’t quite go through with it… (10/14)

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