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Construction Tradeline Accounts to Build Faster

As a business, it is essential to have a good financial history and at least a decent credit score. But if you really want to make it in the industry and have access to the tools you need to succeed, you need to build your tradeline accounts and earn a great credit score.

Consider Buying Tradelines

Fortunately, you don’t have to put in much effort to see great results. Once you find out where to buy tradelines for sale, you can purchase them to see a major bump in your credit score. Seasoned tradelines can help you:

  • Qualify for a loan
  • Get a credit card with a high limit and 0% APR
  • Establish business credit
  • Refinance your existing loans for a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments

Choose the Right Vendors

There are seemingly endless vendors to choose from in the construction industry. Whether you are in need of shipping supplies, office supplies, or large construction equipment, if you choose your vendors wisely you can reap the benefits in the long run.

Not all vendors will report to business credit reporting bureaus. When you are trying to establish good credit, boost your current credit score, or build your accounts with positive tradelines, you have to be highly selective about the vendors you work with.

Uline, a shipping supply company, and Quill, an office supply company, report to Dun and Bradstreet. By going through these vendors for your company essentials, you not only have access to high-quality materials, but your financials get a major boost.

Make All Your Payments on Time and In Full

This may seem obvious to many, but one of the easiest ways to wreck your credit history or lower your credit score is by missing a payment or prolonging the payment process. To set yourself and your company up for success, always make your payments on time and pay off your debts completely. To do this requires you to avoid overspending, but with the right financial decisions, it’s an easy habit to make and keep.

As credit reporting bureaus see activity on your accounts as well as full payments that are regularly made on time, they reward you with higher credit scores, positive tradelines, and all the benefits of an excellent credit history. No matter what industry you work in, that’s great news that can only help you in the long run as you continue to run your business.

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How to maximize profit from your auctions

As you plan your auction event, you are possibly already looking for windows of opportunities which allow you to maximise your event revenue. This is understandable, especially considering that you are investing both time and money into planning this event. Whether it’s a charitable mission or whether you have a high-profit item you would like to sell, every extra dollar you manage to raise is an extra dollar you can further invest into your goals and dreams.

It’s common to hear that many vendors are not able to determine how much revenue they make or lose during an event, and that’s due to not having an adequate bookkeeping system. In fact, companies like Xero Hornsby are designed to help with a multitude of tasks, including monetary misconfigurations.

Since maximising revenues is critical for holding auction events, you are here to find some tried-and-true methods of doing so before your next significant appearance:

Increase Participation

According to experts, there is a general rule for guaranteeing a successful fundraising event, and it involves following the 3 E’s: Entertain, Engage and Extract.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about this technique, it means drawing in volunteers and members of the public that are interested in highlighting some of the unique selling points (USPs) of a product or package. Using an emcee walk does typically keep people entertained, or you can use a cordless mic to get close to the audience participating in the auction.

To engage the crowd, think of the room set-up, of design, of an agenda that can make people feel like they don’t want to leave the room. For the final part, extracting the highest bids, focus on offering highly desirable items which carry a high value. It’s essential not to auction the same things again and again, but instead have diversity. In other words, bring in more attendees and diversify the auction offerings.

Pre-Auction Bidding

If you’re unfamiliar with pre-auction bidding, the name should say it all. Incorporating the ability to publicise specific items prior to the event, it allows people from outside your network to mingle and attend the event. This can be done either by attending, through e-mails with their bids, or through an online software. If the guests attending the auction are not interested in the items, then the person who made the pre-bid is declared the winner of the sale.

Some organisations are able to gather unique auction items (i.e., vacations, jewellery, trucks, or air compressors) which could sell like hot bread. For these prized possessions, offer a pre-auction bidding, which will attract interest and a vast array of different personalities.

It’s essential to note that these types of pre-auction biddings should be used solely for large events. This advice relates to the fact that if you only have a limited number of items (for example, nine) out for bid, there is a chance that pre-bidders will invest so much cash that nobody at the event will be able to purchase anything. This problem would mean that you’re not performing the entertaining duty we’ve previously mentioned, and subsequently, your guests will get bored. Eventually, you may even lose next year’s audience, and you will be unlikely to generate the interest you would like.

Create a Balanced Market

We have spoken about the idea that having too few auction items can be detrimental, and that you want to avoid creating an imbalanced market, either for the buyer or the seller.

To put things into perspective, a seller’s market refers to when you have a handful of items but too many people present in the room. Although this has the capability of driving individual prices up, you might be missing out on potential revenue from bidders who have already spent their money on purchasing another item.

In comparison, a buyer’s market refers to when auction tables are filled with a variety of different items. The problem appears when bidders can leave low bids for multiple items, whereas others won’t generate any interest at all. Your goal is to sell as many pieces as possible, and that can’t happen with an information overflow for your guests.

As a general rule of thumb, you can calculate your odds by seeing how many guests will attend, and then divide that number by two. For example, if 100 people are bound to participate, then you will possibly have 50 buying units. Experts say that around 1 to 2 items are purchased per person, and so you can now calculate how to achieve an excellent balance.

VIP Auction Preview

For moderate to a grand event, creating a VIP auction preview party can make attendees feel more involved and more important. It’s a small way to generate widespread interest, and you can hold a party around an hour before the event, or even the night before, in order to pump your guests up.

The main idea is to offer your VIP guests the chance to preview some of the auction items, afterwards placing their bids while sipping a colourful cocktail or a whiskey neat. There are even more “tricks” you can use to maximise profits from your auctions, including:

  • Offer VIP auction preview tickets to those who sell or promote a number of tickets on your behalf
  • Offer VIP access to companies or people who have sponsored your event
  • Offer VIP tickets to individuals who donate items for the auction
  • Offer VIP access for an additional charge (i.e., $10, $50, or $100); some attendees will pay a premium to be allowed to preview items before others.


Be creative! These are just some of the ways in which you can maximise your revenues from the auction event you have created. It’s imperative to be different and to think outside the box while making people feel involved in your ideas. For example, don’t offer VIP tickets to every person, this misspells the concept of VIP. Instead, allow selected individuals to feel exclusive and unique.

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Welcome! If you arrived here in search of Government Corruption and Corporate Crime type information, click HERE to link to the home pages for the Alliance to Expose Government Corruption and Corporate Crime, where you will find information about Reagan’s US Department of Justice, headed by Edwin Meese, stole the PROMIS database system software from the INSLAW company and then worked to force them into bankruptcy, and about Danny Casolaro, who was murdered (faked suicide) while investigating the case, and other related cases, which he called the “Octopus.” You can also read the Grand Jury report on the Rocky Flats systematic poisoning of the Denver area during the 1960-1980 time period. Also featured is an article about the dangers of fluoride in the water, and the issue of Humboldt County Sheriff’s officers methodically, almost surgically, applying the stuff of pepper spray to the eyes of teenage women. Where did they learn this particular “pain compliance” technique?!?!
If, on the other hand, you came to read about me, Paul Franklin, click HERE.

Also check out my pages of solutionshumor, The Octopus and bicycle trailer pictures.

Green Party of Santa Cruz County

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Kibrick Omnious

The Ominous Archive is up!

Current Scenario Status: PBEM in Progress

Current Players: 10

Notice: Ominous has now progressed to the second “day” of action. Enrollment has also been reopened – if you want to join the PBEM, now is the time.

Players: The form to login to request features is back online, and is now password-protected again. Please go to this url and register your new password. Be sure to include both your Email address and your character name.

Please use the links above to find out more about Ominous

Ominous is sponsored by Readers Digest

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Liberal FAQ


Part of the Liberalism Resurgent web site
© Copyright by Steve Kangas, editor

Help Fight the Right! — Support Liberalism Resurgent.
Welcome! You have found my encyclopedia of liberal arguments on politics and religion. My goal is to build a one-stop reference source that uses all the latest studies, statistics and arguments. If you’d prefer a shorter treatise, then visit my Short FAQ on Liberalism. As for this document, read About This FAQ to discover its stated goals. And feel free to send your comments to me at [email protected]. — if they prove helpful, you’ll win public praise on my credit page.

IN DEFENSE OF DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT — A classic starting point for the debate:

Part 1: The Best Distribution of Power
Part 2: The Proper Size and Role of Government


A definition of “Liberalism” and “Conservatism”
A glossary of political and economic terms

Spectrum 1: Individualism vs. Altruism

Spectrum 2: Anarchy vs. Organization

Spectrum 3: Democracy vs. Constitutionalism

Spectrum 4: Equality vs. Merit

Spectrum 5: Competition vs. Cooperation


Myths about democracy and the constitution:

Rights are natural, inalienable and self-evident.

No one has rights to my property.

There’s no such thing as a “social contract.”

The U.S. is not a democracy.

We should return to the original intentions of the Founding Fathers.

The Founders should be revered as secular saints.

The government violates the plain meaning of the constitution.

Current federal powers violate the 10th amendment.

Democracy elected Hitler to power.

Myths about society, individualism and collectivism:

There’s no such thing as society… only individuals and families.

Early Americans built this land on rugged individualism.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Myths about abortion:

Abortion is murder.

The Bible forbids abortion.

Personhood begins at conception.

Most women feel depression and trauma after an abortion.

Myths about affirmative action:

Affirmative action means quotas.

Affirmative action denies jobs to the most qualified.

Affirmative action hasn’t worked.

The end doesn’t justify the means.

Affirmative action is reverse discrimination.

We should compensate specific individuals for specific wrongs, not entire groups.

Affirmative action is like setting quotas for white guys in the NBA.

Asian-Americans are a model minority.

Myths about The Bell Curve:

The Bell Curve is a top-level work of science.

IQ best predicts if you will succeed or fail in life.

Social intervention cannot raise IQ.

Some ethnic groups have genetically inferior IQ’s.

The black/white IQ gap is largely genetically caused.

The black/white IQ gap is 15 points and growing.

Myths about Bill Clinton:

There is no “vast right-wing conspiracy” to get Clinton.
Clinton is thoroughly corrupt.
Ken Starr’s investigation was ethical and fair.
Starr’s crooked investigation doesn’t invalidate his findings.
Clinton committed perjury.
Clinton’s alleged wrongdoing rises to the level of impeachment.

Myths about Christian conservatism:

The Bible is morally pure and free from atrocity.

The Bible is conservative.

The basis for all morality is found in the Bible.

Moral relativism is wrong.

The Founders intended the U.S. to be a Christian republic.

Myths about crime:

The criminal justice system isn’t biased against the poor.

Poor people and minorities are committing the most crime.

Getting tough on crime reduces crime.

We shouldn’t waste tax dollars keeping murderers alive in prison.

Murderers deserve death.

Guns don’t kill people; people do.

Gun ownership is not the cause of America’s high murder rate.

Gun control laws won’t reduce the murder rate.

A gun in the home increases personal safety.

The Second Amendment guarantees the individual right to own a gun.

Switzerland proves that high gun-ownership doesn’t increase murder.

Myths about economics:

The gold standard is a better monetary system.

The Austrian School of Economics is “apart and above” mainstream economics.

The Chicago School of Economics is a leader in the field.

The rich get rich because of their merit.

Unregulated capitalism does not exploit workers.

Income mobility makes up for income inequality.

Car salesmen are the scum of the earth.

Deregulation promotes competition.

The government’s services should be privatized.

Presidents are responsible for the economy’s performance.

Homo economicus is a valid assumption of human behavior.

Growth is good.

Myths about the economic history:

Carter ruined the economy; Reagan saved it.

The recession of 1982 was Carter’s fault.

Forty years of liberalism have ended in failure.

Democrats in Congress created the deficit.

The U.S. has the world’s highest standard of living.

Myths about education:

The high school dropout rate is climbing.
American test scores have fallen in the last 30 years.
Doubling the money spent on public education hasn’t improved it.
American graduates don’t have the skills needed for a high-tech economy.
Vouchers will improve our schools.

Myths about the environment:

Capitalism is the most environmentally friendly economic system.

Humans are not causing global warming.

Humans are not causing ozone depletion.

We cannot possibly cause harm to God’s most magnificent creation.

We shouldn’t worry; the environment will heal itself.

Liberal doomsday scenarios have always been proven wrong.

Myths about evolution:

“Creation science” is science.

There is a conspiracy among scientists to suppress “creation science.”

Life obviously had an intelligent designer.

Evolution defies the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Evolution is only a theory.

Myths about health care:

The U.S. has the best health care system in the world.

Myths about inequality and poverty:

Income inequality is not the cause of this nation’s social problems.

Lots of poor people are fat… they’re not suffering.

Myths about liberalism and leftism:

Liberalism is socialism, and socialism is big government.

Hitler was a leftist.

The U.S. has a liberal media.

Political Correctness makes liberals inconsistent on free speech.

Myths about science and common sense:

Scientists lack common sense.

Scientific consensus is not the best way to discern truth.

There is no war between science and Christianity.

Intelligent people tend to be more religious.

Conservative think tanks are the answer to liberal academia.

Public polls are generally inaccurate and untrustworthy.

Myths about taxes:

Taxes are theft.

I earned that money; it’s mine!

Tax cuts increase tax collections.

Tax cuts spur economic growth.

Tax cuts for the rich shift the tax burden upward.

A capital gains tax cut will spur economic growth.

A capital gains tax cut will help the little guy.

Myths about welfare:

There are Welfare Queens driving Welfare Cadillacs.
The poor receive the most welfare.

Welfare is to blame for runaway government spending.

People on welfare are lazy and stupid bums.

People on welfare are usually black, teenage mothers who stay on ten years at a time.

People on welfare should just find jobs.

Welfare gives people an economic incentive to avoid work.

Welfare gives mothers an economic incentive to have more children.

Welfare gives women an incentive to have children out of wedlock or break up marriages.

Welfare can be replaced by charity.

Welfare increases poverty.

Welfare traps people in poverty.

The U.S. has wasted over $5 trillion on the war on poverty.

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The Techno-Girls Home

Welcome to our central page.  Our site has four parts:

Anime and More: Amateur Captioning from the Techno-Girls  — a hobby.  We translate videos from Japan into English and make subtitled versions so that English-speaking people (mostly our Shoujo Anime Club, below) can view them.

Barbara’s Enka Site — A web site about Enka, a traditional type of popular song from Japan.  The site includes information on the music in general, artists, and their albums.

Subsonic — a software program for creating subtitled videos.  We will release this software for public use someday. At present, only a summary page is here.

The Shoujo Anime Club — This is the central page for a private club for fans of girl’s animation from Japan, or “shoujo anime”.  This link is password-protected.  Only club members can access the “Shoujo Anime Club” page.

Or, use the map at the margins to help choose your destination.

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Read the latest edition of UPTE’s Award WinningNewsletter!!The latest news for UC CasualEmployeesFrom the Pressroom

Leaders Challenge Labor Practices (The Daily Cal, 06/09/00)

UC officials face hostile legislators (The Contra Costa Times, 06/09/00)

Governor signs Fair Share legislation (see

Los Alamos National Lab workers now have collective bargaining rights under HEERA! (See Below)

Hospital merger dead; Stanford bails out of snakebit joint venture with UCSF (San Francisco Chronicle, 10/29/99)

UC gives top managers big raises; regents vote to boost salaries by up to $40,000 (San Francisco Chronicle, 9/18/99)

Pushing for Wage Adjustments to Help Halt Salary Erosion and High Turnover

As UPTE’s membership grows, so too does our ability to influence the California legislature on issues which directly affect our work lives. Pay, job retention and workplace protections are just some of the items that the legislature has a big say in. While legislators have traditionally heard from UC administration on these fronts the voice of the UC employee has largely gone unheard. UPTE is working to change that.

Last week UPTE members got the Assembly Budget subcommittee on Higher Education to add an additional $22 million into the pool for our wages. Immediate action is necessary to insure that this money stays in all the way up through the signing of the budget by the Governor. UC’s budget request this year, as in years past, is for a 2% cost of living adjustment (COLA), plus an additional 1.5% for merits, covering both faculty and non-faculty staff. Traditionally, UC negotiates salary increases at no more than the level provided in the state legislature’s budget, regardless of funding source. UPTE activists pressed their legislators, in Sacramento and in their districts, to increase funding for UC staff salaries. By providing testimony at the capitol and visiting legislators at their home offices, we made the point that UC staff salaries are lagging further behind our counterparts in the private sector and other public sector employees ­ as much as 9% behind state employees. Through statistical evidence, and real life examples, we were able to show how this ”salary erosion” results in higher turnover, and how that in turn affects not just us but the quality of the research, medical and technical services we provide.

We scored an impressive victory when we got the Assembly Budget subcommittee to add an additional 2% for non-faculty staff salary increases. We must keep the momentum going: we need to convince the Senate Budget subcommittee as well as the full Budget committees of both the Assembly and Senate to keep this money in the budget.

We will also need to have supplemental accountability language and an audit of where UC spends the millions appropriated for wage increases included in the budget to insure that money is not diverted to fund administrators increases or other projects.

Here’s what you can do: 
1. Send a letter to the Governor at [email protected] or write him at the State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814. Copy UPTE on anything you send out. The Governor will have the final say on the budget so we need his support too.
2. UPTE locals will be targeting key legislators on the Budget subcommittees. If your assembly member/or senator is a member of the Budget subcommittee on Higher Education, you will be asked to write to him/her using a sample letter we prepared. Contact your campus local to find out more about this.
3. If you haven’t joined UPTE, sign up now. If youčre already a member ­ sign up your co-workers.

Protecting the Rights of UC’s Casual Workers

A stronger union also means a growing ability to take on issues of job security for the increasing number of casual workers. UPTE has been hard at work on the legal and legislative front on behalf of UC casuals, the majority of whom are full-time employees who perform the same work as their colleagues serving in career positions. While casual positions are defined as those established for less than one year, or at less than 50 percent time for any duration, many casuals are hired for 364 day appointments, then laid off for a one-day break in service, and then appointed for another 364 day period, in some instances year after year. With no annual wage increases, fewer health benefits, no retirement, no job security and limited access to training and promotion, casualization detrimentally affects the university’s teaching and research mission which benefits from the loyalty, commitment and retention of career staff. UPTE recently won a major legal case which establishes our right to challenge the classification of long term casuals under the UPTE contract The first of those challenges, filed on behalf a UCLA 13 year casual employee, is scheduled for hearing in June.

” It comes as a surprise to most UC workers that as many as one-third of UC research professional staff work in casual positions,” notes Cliff Fried, UPTE Local President at UCLA, where 74% percent of SRAs are casual, by far the heaviest casualization rate amongst all of the campuses. “Unfortunately UC casualization is not limited to the research sector, long term casual employees are found in technical support, administrative support and patient care services too. ”

While UPTE recognizes the need for genuine temporary employees, we continue to press to end the practice of ”permatemps” which leads to lower employee moral and higher turnover. Working in coordination with other unions representing UC employees, we have introduced legislation (SB 1857) in the Senate Education committee which would reclassify, as permanent, casual employees who work for 90 consecutive days or 120 days in the last 12 months. We need to have our legal challenges, and our legislative campaign backed by the strong support of UC career and casual professional employees. Contact UPTE to find out how you can help.

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The community of La Honda welcomed hundreds
to the 1997 Country Fair and Music Festival, held in June. Proceeds
went to the La Honda Elementary school’s art and music programs.

Muscians, artists and crafts people converged upon the canyon and redwoods of La Honda again this year to entertain and exhibit at the annual La Honda Country Fair and Music Festival, held on the Summer Solstice: June 21 – 22, 1997. The weather was perfect, the music great, and the fun abundant!

This annual event is a festive affair the whole family enjoys! Face painting for the kids (and adults!) artist exhibits and sales, food and refreshments were enjoyed by everyone.

Interested in booth space information for the 1998 Fair? Please call 650-747-0965 and ask for Paula Dennis, or email her at La Honda Creations Craft Gallery.

New this year were TWO stages of musical fun! In addition to the main stage in the gardens, we had more music on the smaller patio stage behind The Merry Prankster Cafe.

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Just remember that this is a low budget, unsponsered web-site, and I seldom hear it first.

I watched the latest “Renegade” episode at the USA Network 6:00 PM Friday time slot. This was the episode that was pre-empted on Monday, January 20.

It was reported to me that The Phoenix paper said USA was dropping Renegade. Rick Okie’s “Renegade” production office has e-mailed me that it is closing and its former e-mail address will soon be gone. Stu Segall’sProduction office may still be open.

I don’t personally know the show’s status on USA Network, but I’ll try and keep the news updated. It seems that 6th season shows have not been picked up by USA Network. The show may still be picked by syndication. My guess is that we loose the primetime USA, but keep the 5th season Friday 6:00 PM USA presentation.

It was also reported that there is more in an interview with Lorenzo Lamas in the latest “Entertainment Weekly.” I haven’t seen the article yet. (1/97)

There is an addition to the Related Links page. Whats new?!? There is a link to an official “Renegade” www site courtesy of Stu Segall Productions. (1/97)

Item from the “Renegade” Production Office of Richard C. Okie

Starting January 13, USA Network is moving “Renegade” to Mondays at 9 P.M. (1/97)

Item from Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith in Hollywood.

Arlene Dahl flew to Los Angeles last week to do a guest spot on her son Lorenzo Lamas’“Renegade” series. Also appearing in the episode is Lamas’ wife, May Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand, who’s reprising her “Renegade” role as a physical fitness trainer. In the segment, directed by Lamas, Dahl plays the photo editor of “Playpen” magazine, who is kidnapped with the centerfold models. The centerfolds are being played by actual Playboy playmates. Dahl is no stranger to Playboy. She did a provocative lingerie layout for the magazine in 1962 and went on to design her own successful line of lingerie. (11/96)

Item from Executive Producer Richard C. Okie.

Lots of other developments in the Reno/Dutch relationship are coming, including Dutch murdering his own wife when she turns on him to work with Reno and Bobby.

Then Dutch starts to crack under the pressure of the guilt and he and Reno have a serious conversation about calling off the war. But being a scorpion and true to his nature, Dutch can’t quite go through with it… (10/14)

Send email to the “Renegade” Production Office of Stu Segall Productions, using this email address:
[email protected]

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Welcome to the NEW Macx Anime/RPG Webring! This webring is designed for webpages covering some of the less commercialized animes. Therefore, any site can apply, as long as it is not solely on Sailor Moon, Pokemon, or DBZ (although it can include some content from these series). In addition, this is also an unofficial webring for site on the anime RPG Teenagers from Outer Space. Now listed in the official directory, the Macx webring is ready to work for you!

 Why should I join?

Webrings are a fast and easy way to navigate the web. They provide an easy, user-friendly link between sites, and are usually more effective at bringing in web traffic than a standard links page. If they are made right, the webring navigation images can add an attractive look to your website, and since all of the sites that go into a webring are considered before they go into the ring, being in a webring shows that your site was good enough to be listed.

 What are the requirements?

  • The webpage should be at least 75% on anime
  • The webpage must contain pictures or information on at least one of the above anime/manga series or RPG
  • The webpage should not contain any Hentai/Ecchi or inappropriate images, obscene language or content, etc. (this is a family-friendly webring)
  • The webpage should be at least decently designed and relatively easy to navigate
  • Other files and original content is a plus!
  • HTMLFrag must be listed either on the main or webrings page, preferably no farther down than 5 webrings from the top of the page

 How do I register?

Step 1: Fill out this form to submit your information to the queue:

Submit site to Macx Anime Ring

Site Title:
Site URL:
Password: Please choose a password. (Don’t forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

Step 2: Browse the different Navigation Bars and pick one you like, then copy its HTML Fragment and paste it onto your page, preferably your homepage or a labeled “rings” page to make webring navigation easier.

Step 3: E-mail This Address to notify me that your webpage is in the queue. Please include the site ID that is given, your site name, its URL, and your e-mail address. You will be notified when your site is added or if any problems occur.

 Why am I still reading this?

I don’t know. You should probably be registering your website for the webring instead.

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