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“The social value of what IBM and Microsoft delivered is far greater than any harm they could have done by anticompetitive practices.”Stanford Law Professor William Baxter, who dropped the IBM case as head of the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division in 1982,
San Francisco Chronicle, July 24, 1995, page E7.

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“If I wanted to work for the soulless undead, I’d write Windows code.”David Shayer, [email protected], on the Semper.Fi mailing list.

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  • Read about the terrors of software development in high energy physics.
  • Use a source debugger to develop screen savers with the After Dark Testbed
  • Interapplication spelling and grammar checking for Macintosh and BeOS with The Word Services Suite.


We have a different kind of Republican here in The People’s Republic of Santa Cruz:

“I wish you warm, personal sex.”Assemblyman Bruce MacPherson,
speaking at the Commencement of the Santa Cruz High School Class of ’95,
Good Times, June 29, 1995.

  • Read about McPherson’s political advisor getting mauled by a dog attempting to steal drugs.
  • What Governor addressed the California Legislature on the coming Armaggeddon? (70kb)
  • Why did thousands of Filipinos die fighting for their independence from the U.S?
  • Have you exported a cryptosystem today? Do public key in three lines of Perl!
  • Dial 1-800-GO-PAT-GO (800-467-2846). It will cost Pat Buchanan a buck!
  • I tried real hard to get a Ph.D. How did Newt Gingrich do it?
  • I worked on Jerry Brown’s presidential campaign in ’92.
    Find out what We The People are up to now.
  • I listen to Free Radio Santa Cruz 96.3 FM.
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  • Who is Rusty Sharpe?
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  • Just kidding.


  • Patrick Combs cashed a junk mail check for $95,093.33 and got to keep the money.
  • They’re dropping like flies down at the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.
  • I get my news and information from the Jack Chick Archive.
  • If it doesn’t rot, it’s not good for you. The Spam Cam
  • A very good thing to do with those pesky AOL disks.
  • Take some, leave some, at the California Cryobank
  • Call the plumber! It’s the G. Gordon Liddy page.
  • Send e-mail to God at Prayers Heavenbound.
  • Find your old school chums at Alumni Net
  • Borders Books censors pro-union author.
  • Tap in to the National Security Agency.
  • The Dysfunctional Family Circus.
  • A plea from a sick little girl.
  • Jeff’s House of Raw Pork.
  • Bob the Angry Flower.
  • Adam Enhanced.
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